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Terms & Conditions

Terms of Use Newsky

The Newsky ® brand aims to provide technological solutions to its clients, in constant search of quality products that meet the expectations of the most demanding. We created our own trademark, patent-recognized by Japanese agencies to ensure the satisfaction of all our customers.

Read carefully the conditions described herein, for concluding your inquiry, you automatically agree to all rules set forth below. The terms of use of Newsky ® agrees with consumer laws applied in the Japanese territory.

1. Prices and Quotes

The prices advertised on the website in yen DO NOT include the tax of 5% and 8% from April 1, 2014 valid in Japanese territory, and for deliveries outside of Japan, will be exempt from this tax. For other currencies, we show an approach based on foreign exchange quote and may change in accordance with their respective variations in the financial market.

Withdrawal of budgeted / ordered products falls under the item 6-cancellation, NewSky reserves in charge the cancellation fees.

2. Orders

Requests for products, services and equipment must be made by one of the sales channels: Website, Telephone, Online chat and / or in person at our showroom.

3. Order Confirmation

After registration of your inquiry in our terminals, the entered data will undergo a review from our staff, as well as stocks of ordered products. If necessary, one of our representatives will contact you via phone or email for confirmation. Newsky ® reserves the right not to send the request if there are any conflicting information.

4. Payment

For inside Japan deliveries, the available options are: on delivery, credit card, bank deposit, GENKIN Kakitome and Paypal. The customer must inform the seller in the act of purchase or select the correct option in our website. Once shipped, you won’t be able to change the payment method.

5. Deliveries inside Japan

We deliver throughout Japan by the carrier to be designated by the logistics department. NewSky ® is not responsible for any delay caused by the carriers. Damages caused by shipping are carrier’s responsibility and should be reported directly to NewSky ®.

5.1 Date and time of delivery in Japan

For the convenience of our customers, NewSky ® gives the option to choose the delivery date and time. It must be reported to seller upon purchase, or registered in the correct field on our Website, in the last case is subject to verification of our attendants and may change depending on circumstances. The order will be shipped as soon as the data has been confirmed and we have the product in our stock.

5.2 International Deliveries

There are 3 options of international shipping to be chosen at time of order:

1 – SAL SMALL PACKET * Economy SAL without insurance and tracking number

2 – SAL SMALL PACKET * Economy SAL with insurance and tracking number

Asia * = 10 to 20 business days

Other continents = 20-40 business days

We are not responsible for loss of service with no insurance and the maximum value for orders with this shipping method is 20.000 yen weighing up to 2kg.

This is a recommended method for low value products.

3 - ** EMS Express with insurance and tracking number.

Asia ** = 3-5 business days

Other continents = 5-10 working days

This service is used only for orders up to 30Kg.

After shipping, buyer is responsible to check with the tracking number the status of your order and check to the delivery sections in your country for accurate information. Import rules follow the rules of each country and will be buyer’s full responsibility.

NewSky ® is not responsible and does not support in customs procedures such as calculation or payment of import duties, customs or taxes that may be charged when your goods reach the destination and / or delay which may be caused by customs procedures or even holiday calendar of the destination country.

You cannot select delivery date or time and payment method will only be possible by credit card via Paypal.

Additional data may be requested by our staff at any time. NewSky® reserves the right not to ship or cancel any order with conflicting data without further notice.

5.3 Logistics support points

We have several support points around the world. Asia, Europe and the United States are the main ones. According to the availability in the stock, Newsky can directly ship from these points to serve you with best possible time.

6. Cancellation

Orders may be canceled without charge rate before confirmation. In order to cancel, the client must contact our sales center via email or phone. Once shiped, the order cannot be canceled. NewSky ® reserves the right to cancel any order we judge having unreliable, incomplete and / or suspicious data without notice.

6.1 Cancellation on delivery

In case of cancellation upon delivery, the customer can only make a new purchase using prepaid payment and shall bear the shipping charges of the previous application. It will be customer’s responsibility to notify the carrier about the cancellation.

7. Exchanges and Returns

For exchanges and returns, before opening your product, carefully read the terms of warranty and services attached to your parcel.

8. Privacy and Security

All information collected by our website are kept fully confidential and used exclusively by NewSky ®. We make sure that all data is safely transmitted to our database and with restricted access. We are committed to respecting your privacy and ensure the confidentiality of all your information. All the data registered in our website are only used to improve your shopping experience and navigation on our site.

Our site uses advanced security technology. All traffic data is done with encrypted information using the SSL (Secure Socket Layer ) , which is a standard method used on the Internet to secure communication between users and Web sites , providing a 100 % secure purchase.

For your peace of mind, the closed padlock icon in the upper corner of the screen indicates absolute security during data transmission while you navigate.

For your safety, if there is any conflict in registration information and payment, Newsky will contact you to confirm details before approving the request.

9. Anti-Spam

If this tool is enabled on your e-mail, a blockage can occur, preventing you from receiving tracking emails about your order or promotional emails from Newsky. We strongly recommend that if you keep the tool activated, always check your junk mail in pursuit of emails referring to your request.

10. Content

NewSky ® does not warrant that the textual or visual information contained in the website are exactly complete or current. Also, we do not take responsibility for damages caused by any errors of publication, content and / or system failures.

11. Property

All content published on this website is the property of NewSky ®. Copy, reproduce, lease or transfer any data contained on this website is prohibited, under penalty of legal sanctions.

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