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Cash on Delivery (COD) WIthin JAPAN

On delivery payment (kuroneko or Japan post)
We ship to all over Japan to pay cash on delivery. ( Daibiki )
Delivery can be arranged with preferred date and time previously agreed.
Credit Cards
We accept credit cards : Visa, MasterCard, American Express , JCB , Orico , Nicos , Saison Card, Aeon , DC and UFJ Card and payment could be made up to 24X .
We accept payment by SmartPit cards , which can be achieved for free at convenience stores : Circle K , Family Mart , Lawson , Mini Stop , Sunkus and Suri - Efu ( fff ) , across Japan
* Inform the number of your card during the request for activation ​​, and make payment directly to the premises of the above networks , which have 24 hours service throughout Japan , for your convenience . Once the payment is confirmed, your request will be processed.
We accept PayPal electronic payment
* Once the payment is confirmed, your request will be processed.

Bank Transfer or Deposit
We offer the option of payment via bank transfer or deposit. For instructions, please contact our customer center.

International payment
For shipping overseas (outside Japan), only payment by international credit card or via PayPal is accepted , you will be charged on single installment , which can be negotiated later in order to divide , the cardholder directly with the credit provider . The website shows currency conversions, however the charging currency will always be Japanese Yen.
* The credit provider will be responsible for exchange rates and currency conversion between countries buying and charging. Check the exchange and taxes rules directly with your card provider, please.

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